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Not enough experience? The advantages of hiring a skipper!

Have you ever been at the beach and stared at all those beautiful boats out there on the water and thought this is a dream that would never come true to you? Well, welcome to the 21stcenturywhererenting a boat is just as easy as renting an apartment on Airbnb. You don’t believe us? Why? Because you don’t evenown a boat license or you do not have enough experience? No problem! Hiring a skipper makeseverythingpossible!

When renting a boat onbluebnc.comyoualways have the option of hiringa skipper. The skipper, also called captain, willspend the day onboard with you and your family or friends and more importantly,manouvers the rented boat for you. Here are some facts, why a skipper is a good investment for everybody.

Advantages of hiring a skipper when renting a boat

  • When on vacation, for most people it is important to make the most out of their day. Renting a boat will definitely give you all the ingredients for an amazing day. Maouvering a boat and figuring out where to go best also costs a lot of time. If you book a skipper, he will do all that for you, so you have time to enjoy the day tothe fullest with your loved ones.

  • If you are eager to learn, a skipper can teach you some basic boat knowledge,which can be usefulforyour next boat trip. The more often you spend time on a boat, the more you will learn and understand. What better way is there, than learning by doing and seeing every step performed by an expert. Maybe this will even motivate you, to do your own license in the future. 😉

  • Some skippers willeven cook for you.How good is that? Sit down on a set table and enjoy some delicious food, surrounded by crystal clear water after a refreshing swim.

  • Skippers aremostly locals. They know the sea and the surrounding. This can be very helpful, if you don’t know the place very well. He knows where to go according to weather and wind conditions. Moreover, skippers usually know some secret spots.

  • Take your family on a private boat ride and explore thedeepest waters without having a boat license. Lean back and enjoy a beautiful and relaxed day without all the hustle.

  • A skipper is absolutely affordable. Visit our websitebluebnc.comand check out all the available options. Prices for a skipperarebetween 150 and 230 Euros per day.

NOTE:The skipper is responsible for asafe and efficient operation. He has the command of the boat charter. For your own security it is very important to always listen to the skipper and follow his instructions!

The next step? Check out our boats on bluebnc.comand add the option “include captain” when booking. We’ll do the rest!