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Try something new – Go on a Gulet Cruise in Croatia!

Luxury Yacht charters and day boat rentals are getting more popular year by year, astravellers tend to avoid overcrowded tourist destinations to have a hassle-free vacay.But have you ever considered going on a Gulet Cruise in Croatia? Try something new and spend your nextsailing holidays on an adventurous islands hopping tour in Dalmatia!


What exactly is a Gulet Cruise?


Let start at the beginning! A Gulet is a traditional sailing vessel with usually two or three masts and mainly made out of wood. Gulets have theirroots in the Bodrum and Marmaris region and are nowadays commercially used in Croatia, along the Turkish Riviera and in Greece. Especially Croatia is an excellent place for a Gulet Charter thanks to its many islands and charming ports around the coasts. Charters are usually only offered for a weekly period of time.


What can you expect on a Gulet Cruise in Croatia?


With over 1000 islands the Dalmatian Coast your options are limitless on a sailing holiday. If you like variety, as Gulet Charter in Croatia is just perfect for you, allowing you to wake up in a different location every single day! Hop from island to island just like on real Cruise but with your very own, private boat rental and enjoy your summer vacay to the fullest. Our favourite starting points for a Gulet Cruise in Croatia are Sibenik, Split and Zadar. These ports are very close to some of Croatia’s most stunning islands like Brac and Hvar and to the breathtakingly beautiful nature reserve of the Kornati Islands.


Swim and snorkel whenever you want and wherever you want!


When voyaging on the Adriatic with your private Gulet Charter you will be able to avoid overcrowded beaches and explore secluded coves, where you can swim in crystal clear waters with no one but your familyand friends around you!


Lean back and let the staff take care of you!


Almost all Gulets have up to 5 crew members including captain, hostess and sailors. The staff on Croatian Gulets is usually very service orientated and some of the Gulets offer even animation and lots of water toys for kids.


On water holiday without having to forgo the standards of a luxury hotel!


Gulets are some of the most popular boat rentals in Croatia. Most of them were build in the 70’s and 80’s and have been completely refitted within the last 2 years, offering the same standards as a high end hotel. Going on a Gulet Cruise definitely means embarking on a sailing adventure, but that does not mean that you cannot have any of themodern amenities that are offered in holiday resorts.Connect yourself with the outer world via wifi andshare your holiday pics to your friends, enjoy the fantastic mediterranean cuisine aboard and soak in the sun on the boats deck! Bluebnc offers Gulets in all variations and price categories.


Luxury Gulets – these are some the most epic boatsyou will find on the whole Adriatic and perfect if you want to spend a fabulous holiday with your best friends. Most of them feature a jacuzzi and a great variety of water toys such as sea bobs and jet skis, to guarantee you a spectacular time on board.


OurDeluxeGuletsare simply amazing. Choose from traditional Guletsfor an ultimate family holidayor fromboutique hotel like Guletsand make your sailing holiday an unforgettable experience.


A Gulet Cruise is for everyone! OurClassic Guletsare some of the more affordable ones. The staff usually includes 2 to 3 staff members and just the same amenities you’ll find in a family resort.


Budget friendly Gulets – perfect for a holiday with your little ones that want to experience some pirate feeling while cruising over the crystal clear waters Croatia has to offer while providing the best value for money.


If you go on a Gulet Cruise the only thing you’ll have to think about is to pack enough sun blocker and swimsuits in your luggage. The staff will take care of the rest! Half board is obligatory on most Gulet charters with the possibility of upgrading tofull board options.


Ready for your next Croatia Gulet Cruise? Find your Gulet here and embark on an epic sailing holiday with Bluebnc!