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Sailing holiday Croatia – Explore the beauty of Pula and Rovinj!

Considering a sailing holiday in Croatiathis summer? Then spend your next vacations in Croatia’s North and explore the beauty of Pula and Rovinj by boat.

If Croatia has been on your bucket list since a while than it is about time to visit this beautiful piece of heaven! To make most out of your Croatia holiday you should definitely visit Croatia by boat. Stretching along the Adriatic Coast and with 1000s of islands Croatia is the boating hub #1. Especially the Istrian Peninsula in Croatia’s North is a fabulous place for day boat rental and island hopping.

Start your yacht charter in Pula

Pula is one of Croatia’s most populartowns, thanks to its many breathtakingbeaches and its close proximity to various beach resorts. Located on the Istrian Peninsula, in Croatia’s north, this busy seaside town is beloved among yachties all over the world, as it is a great starting point for boat and yacht rentals in Croatia. Wether you want to hire a day boat rental in Croatia or are looking for a week long yacht charter in Pula, this area offers endless places to see and explore. One of our favourite beaches for a day boattrip in Pula is the Gortanova uvala beach (pictured below) on the Lungomare coast. Despite its wonderful beach vibes, Pula also hosts lots of summer festivals and is home to some of Croatia’s most ancient roman ruins, such as the colosseum-like Pula Arena, which was built 27 BC. Although Pula can get quite busy in summer, it has always kept its relaxing atmosphere.

Explore the charming Rovinj

Thisromantic fishing town is definitely worth a visit when sailing in Croatia. A picturesque scenery of colourful little houses and a tall church rising up behind the scenic promenade await you here. Just a stone’s throw away from Pula, Rovinj is a great destination for a day boat hire. If the fishing town gets too busy, head to one of the 14 islets of the Rovinj archipelago. Perfect for a relaxing boat day and for snorkelling.

Island hopping in Croatia – visit Krk, Cres and Rab

Croatia is among the best places for island hopping in the world. With hundreds of islands, a mild mediterranean climate and plenty of lovely harbours Croatia provides the best conditions for a sailing holiday in Croatia. Especially the Istrian Peinsula -besides the Dubrovnik Riviera – makes a fantastic place to hop from island to island. Here are our 3 favourite places to visit when on a yacht charter in Pula.

Krk and Cres

The two biggest islands of the Adriatic sea are perfect to explore if you spend a full week cruising on the Adriatic sea with a privat boat rental. Krk is highly populated and offers its visitors magnificent beaches to snorkel, swim and dive. Cres is far less inhabited then Krk, but just as stunning. With a pine tree fringed shoreline and secluded beaches, you will swim here in Europe’s probably clearest water whileadmiring Croatia’s mesmerising scenery.


The smaller island of Rab is home to a beautiful port, exquisite restaurants, bohemian boutiques and to some of the Adriatic’s most expensive super yachts. With dramatic cliffsin the northeast and breathtaking beaches on the southwest this island is one of the most diverse places of Croatia. The best way to explore Rab is of course by boat. Do it the traditional way and go on aGulet Cruise in Croatia.

1 yacht charter – 3 counties

Want to go on a yacht charter but do not know where exactly to go? Then the Istrian Peninsula with its two main ports in Pula and Rovinj is just perfect for you! Rent a boat in Rovinj and sail along the north Adriatic coast to Izola. Slovenia’s most picturesque town is a true gem and a fantastic destination for a weekend trip from Rovinj. Just about 60 nautical miles from Pula’s port lies Italy’s beautiful jewel – Venice. Hire a yacht charter or book asailing in Croatiaand cross the Adriatic. Experience Croatia’s lush green landscape, the Adriatic’s turquoise waters and rich marine life and Italy’s Venetian treasures and delicious cuisine in just one week! A yacht charter with Bluebnc makes it possible.

Pick your perfect boat rental here and make your Croatia holidays an unforgettable experience!