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Andratx to Pollena trips while renting a boat in Mallorca

Mallorca is a great destination in summer. There are wonderful destinations in the west of the island, from beaches to historical background.

Why dont you rent a boat in Mallorca to discover these pearls? Here are examples of trips from Andratx in the south of the island to Pollena in the north.

  • Andratx

The port of Andratx is a typical fishing village of south Mallorca.

With 3,300 inhabitants, it has become one of the most touristic destinations on the island with many restaurants along the seafront.Andratx harbour is also really lively at night.

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  • Sant Elm to Dragonera

Sant Elm is a beautiful village surrounded by the Tramuntana mountains and enjoying the view on Dragonera island in front of it. Even if this village is more and more touristic, Sant Elm remains true to its roots and offers a real Mallorcan atmosphere.

While you are there, enjoy your boat rental in Mallorca and visit Dragonera which is a wonderful uninhabited island.

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  • Son Marroig

Be prepared to be speechless! This former mansion of archduke Luis Salvador offers a stunning view over the Mediterranean and has a strong history.

Now a museum, you can discover paintings, objects that belonged to the archduke, etc. It is possible to organise events such as weddings.

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  • Sller

Sller harbour is a charming village famous for its little train. Before the construction of the tunnel in 1990s, it was really difficult to access Sller. Thus, the village kept its charm and avoided the massive industrial construction of the 70-80s.

You can enjoy the Tramuntana mountains that surrounds Sller and being on the west coast, the village offers one of the best sunsets in Mallorca!

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  • Pollena

Located in the north of the island, Pollena is a major tourist destination in Mallorca. It kept historical roots with for example the Virgen del Carmen church and the Plaa Miquel Capllonch.

Port de Pollena offers a beautiful landscape surrounded by the Serra de Tramuntana and crystal waters. With the Cap de Formentor close by, you can take a break during your boathire and bike on the mountains or around the village.

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  • Alcdia

Located just next to Pollena, Alcdia harbour is another must destination. The port offers many activities such as water sports and concerts in summer. You can find many restaurants along the beach. This is a large marina, thus there are many major boats moored there.

Drop anchor and admire the beautiful Mallorcan sunset !

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Rent a boat in Mallorca and get ready to be overwhelmed by the beauty of the island!

Mallorcan west coast is splendid and these 6 destinations are just examples of what the island has to offer.

If you are interested in renting a boat on the island, do not hesitate to contact us and we will find the best boat for you.