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Spanish specialities to try on your boat rental in Balearic

Have you planned to spend your summer in the Balearic renting a boat? During your breaks, dont miss trying the typical Spanish food as well as the local specialities.

Here you find a list of food and drinks to try during your next holidays.


Typical Spanish food

Its getting too warm outside? Take a break to refresh by eating gazpacho, a cold soup made of vegetables and raw. Go to the restaurants and share the famous paella and tapas with your friends or family.

On the island, it is common to eat seafood as well. Try fresh squid and gambas al ajillo, garlic shrimp.

Balearic salted specialities

Sobrasada is a sort of sausage born in Balearic made with pork, paprika, salt and other spices. Dont miss the FritMallorquin very popular in Mallorca. It is a mix of meat, potatoes and other vegetables. Really good but not a good idea if you are on diet.

Another Mallorcan specialty, the Coca de tramp is a fine and crispy dough with onions, tomatoes, salt, pepper and oil.

During Easter,try Empanada in Mallorca that you can find with meat, fish, cheese or vegetables.

Balearic sweet specialities

While renting a boat in Mallorca, try the famous local pastry Ensaimada. You can try it with cream, chocolate, almond, etc. Dont worry, you can find it everywhere on the island!

Gat dametlla is another Mallorca speciality. Made with Almond, it is common to eat it as a dessert and it is said to be originally from Valdemossa.

You can as well find for Easter crespells and rubiols. Crespell is a Mallorcan cookie which can have different shapes (star, heart, flower). Rubiol on the other hand is a sweet ravioli filled with cottage cheese or hand-made jam.


  • If you go to Ibiza, dont miss trying the famous Frgola, a fresh thyme based liquor. Ibiza locals would as well recommend you to try the Hierbas Ibicencas, the famous hierbas spirits and liquors made only with local products.

  • You are charting a boat in Spain. Sangria is a must to drink. With red or white wine, you can be sure to enjoy this famous drink as an aperitif or as an accompaniment to your plate.

  • Balearic islands produce very good wines. They are grouped in 2 denominations and 6 geographical indications.

  • Cava is a cousin of champagne. A sparkle white or ros wine with Catalonia origin denomination.

Rent a boat in Balearic andbe sure to have an unforgettable culinary experience!

Balearic cuisine is wild. We hope this list will help you discover Mallorca and Ibiza as much as possible. Rent a boat, have fun and rest on a traditional restaurant enjoying the view of the port.

Here is an example of a boat rental in Mallorca to enjoy the island.