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Introducing SailoIntroducing Sailo


Drum roll, please.

Meet Sailo, the new peer-to-peer boat rental company that connects boat owners, renters and licensed captains to make rentals easy and accessible to all parties involved. Heres what its all about:


The process of renting a boat can be daunting, especially for inexperienced boaters. The industry is local and fragmented, and there are few options available to renters. Those that do exist offer little transparency in regards to pricing, user experiences or who the captains are. Boats sit on average unused 95% of the time. Thats 346 days a year! And almost 40% of owners who are selling state that the primary reason is because of the high associated costs. And if owners do decide to rent out their boats, they are limited to local agencies, charter companies and dont get to vet who takes their boat out. Thats tough for someone who loves his or her boat.

Sailo offers a centralized platform where people can view, compare and book boats and captains based on date, location, price, and user experiences. The service helps boat owners cover the costs of ownership, ultimately helping them keep their beloved boats, and do so worry-free thanks to Sailos $1M trip insurance and the presence of a professional captain on board every trip.


Sailo is the only service that offers renters the opportunity to select who they want to share their experience, and how involved they want to be during their adventure. The importance and benefit of a captain goes beyond the safety and expertise he or she provides while out on the water. A captain serves as the customers guide from the time of booking to the end of the adventure, and is there to help create the perfect custom-made experience.


Sailo is here as the center from which water enthusiasts can share their respective resources with one another. The company aims to create a community of peer-to-peer users based on trust, a love for adventure, and quality relationships. Try them out by renting, listing your boat, or listing yourself as a captain.

Tailor your adventure. Well take care of the rest.

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