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Hidden gems in Mallorca – Discover them now with Bluebnc!

Mallorca is one of the most popular summer destinations in Europe. With it’s crystal clear waters, warm weather and idyllic beaches the Island attracts million of tourists each year, that fill the beaches.However, there are still some hidden gems in Mallorca, that can be reached by boat!

Here are our 3 favourite beaches:

Cala d’Egos

Coordinates:3933’18.4″N 221’56.8″E

This hidden gemin Mallorca can only be reached after a one hour hike, which is why this beach is even an oasis during the hot and busy summer days in July and August, as not a lot of people come here. Enjoy the bluest water and amazing views over the rocky surrounding here. You might even spot some goats on the cliffs.

Cal d’en Monjo

Coordinates:3931’43.2″N 225’51.8″E

Looking for a super tranquil and relaxed cala for swimming and snorkelling? Look no further! Cal d’en Monjo is the perfect spot for a relaxed afternoon swim and for your little ones to play in shallow waters.

Cala En Basset

Coordinates: 3935’45.3″N 221’15.6″E

Is your adventurous soul seeking for some spectacular views, climbing over some cliffs or diving? Then you should rent a boat from Andratx and sail over to Cala En Basset. A beautiful hidden spot right after passing the Island of Dragonera on your right side.

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