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Captains Corner Meet Captain ToddCaptains Corner Meet Captain Todd

Who doesnt love Captain Todd? He allures Sailo renters not only with his beautiful, 32-footsailboatcatamaran but also his one-of-a-kind, fun personality. It comes as no surprise that hes generally booked every weekend in the summer as well as holidays. Luckily for everyone hes taken out and will continue to take out sailing, Captain Todd really fell into sailing after somewhat randomly accompanying his friend on a boat delivery from the British Virgin Islands to New York City. During the week, his creative juices are flowing as an artist and furniture designer, but, come the weekend, youll find him cheerfully on the water. Plus, he doesnt mind the extra income.

Meet the captain and find out why he loves Miami:

Q&A with Captain Todd

Whats your favoriteitinerary?

I really like to go out to the reef if its a flat day. In Miami, you need the weather to be really flat because you have to go four miles out to the ocean. It has to be almost lake quality. The water there is Bahamas-quality! Theres everythingall kinds of fish, manta rays and even a lighthouse from the 1870s that is filled with marine life underneath. I used to take my friends out, and wed anchor and hang out inside the lighthouse.

Picture perfect:Captain Todds sailboat catamaran in Miami.

Whats you favorite place to sail to?

Theres a sand bar thats 1.5 miles from here. Its crazy in the summer time. Its for people who really want to go to a disco because its just music. But from Monday to Friday, nobody is there. [I take] my daughter there when theres no school on Mondays. I taught her to salvage. There are people who drop telephones, jewelry, and watches so we find incredible things. If you go on Monday and Tuesday when the water is clear, its like a yard sale!

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Tell us a little about what you do when youre not out on your boat.

Im an artist and a furniture designer. From Monday to Friday, Im generally welding or cutting or making things for people. Thats my day job during the week, but I like taking people out sailing. The boat is set up for it, and Ive made so many friends. Its increased my social enjoyment of Miami based on the people that I take out.

Tell us about your experience with Sailo?

Sailo [offers] the perfect opportunity for boats to provide a service to people that dont want to be at the mercy of concierges and manipulators of touristic attractions. [Using Sailo] is a way to make a personal connection with someone whos going to provide a custom service, instead of being tossed onto a charter boat. The boat more than pays for itself [by renting it out].

People feel comfortable [sailing with me]. Whatever they want to do, they can do. They really like this feeling of having their own boat!

Happinessat sea on Captain Todds sailboat.

Captain Todds catamaran isthe perfect boat to rent for boat parties, day trips, sunset sails, and, of course, special occasions. Fathers Day is just around the corner! Get your pops something hell be excited about this year. Theres not better gift than happiness on a boat.

Join now and look for a Sailo Fathers Day promotion in your inbox. Before the very popular Captain Todd books up, reserve your sail today.

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