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Activities to do on your next liveaboard in the Maldives!

1000 islands, crystal clear blue water, tropical climate, fantastic snorkelling and beaches as beautiful as a postcard, welcome to the Maldives! Located in the Indian Ocean, this popular holiday destination attracts people from all over the world. Honeymooners, families and friendship groups, in this guide you will find inspiration for your next holiday; diving, fishing, beautiful beaches and more on a liveaboard in the Maldives.

World-class Diving

Diving in the Maldives is like a dream. With crystal clear water and a visibility of 20-50 meters you can expect to see; Clownfish, Barracuda, Butterflyfish, Angelfish, Long nose hawkfish, Green sea turtles, Oriental sweetlip, Spotfin lionfish and much more… The season is all year around, but the recommended time to visit the Maldives is betweenOctober – April. You will havea tropical climateall year around but the monsoon take place between April-October with heavy rain. The average temperature of the water is between 26C and 30C. Maldives is a diving destination that fits all, from the very new beginners to the experts. The best way to get around the different island of the Maldives is to rent a boat for the day or book a diving liveaboard in the Maldives for a week or 10 days.

Fishing in the Indian Ocean

Maldives isn’t just a paradise for diving but also for fishing! To book a boat trip in the Maldives for fishing charter is a very popular activity for people in all ages. Just like the weather for the diving, the best period for a good catch is between October and April. With over 1000 islands, 26 atolls, coral reefs and sand bars over 900 km, the Maldives is an ideal spot for the marine life and you can experience catches as large barracuda, red bass, amberjack, red snappers, groupers, jacks, scarlet, emperors, squirrelfish, mackerel species, jacks, marlin, sailfish, as well as tuna, dorado, and wahoo. Depending on your interest and how long you would like to go out fishing in the Maldives you can go on a fishing charter for the day, book a professional fishing charter, or go on a Maldives liveaboard where you first catch the fish and then put it on the bbq.

Beaches beautiful as postcards

Have you ever Googled the Maldives? The pictures that appears are beaches equal to paradise and they always belong on the top lists of the most beautiful beaches in the world. According to TripAdvisor, the 10 most popular beaches in the Maldives are:

  1. Veligandu Island Beach

  2. Bikini BeachRasdhoo
  3. Bikini BeachMaafushi Town
  4. Hulhumale BeachHulhumale
  5. Bikini BeachMaafushi Island
  6. Artificial BeachMale
  7. Bodu MoraVaavu Atoll
  8. RasfannuMale
  9. Gulhi BeachGulhi Island
  10. Kunburudhoo BeachHaa Dhaalu Atoll

They are all true paradise and don’t you want to visit them all? With Bluebnc you cansail in the Maldives with a catamaran for a6 daysMaldives liveaboard. Cruise among the islands, reefs and sand banks and experience the Maldives from its best side. Bring your group of 10 people and enjoy thisexclusive charter in the Maldives! Contact us or read more here >>